Monday, April 14, 2014

Letter to a Representative - XJ Randall

To Representative Todd Rokita,
I will keep this simple and as short as I can.

My preferred name is XJ Randall, though those who do not know me personally may refer to me as "John Hall". Please do not call me by this name. You may call me, 'XJ' (pronounced 'EX-JAY'). To tell you a little about myself, I was a successful Computer Graphics Major from Purdue University for 3.5 years and within the past year have established my own company (or label). I do not consider myself an ordinary person, and perhaps this is why I have contacted you: The circumstances of my situation are a series of unfortunate events that I feel must be held accountable for by those responsible, intended or not. Consequently, I feel I am responsible for the bringing about of my own Justice.

I believe that, at least, within the past 5-10 years, I have been the target of 'implied' harassment via covert online stalking techniques and face to face encounter-ment that seen from the surface may be considered unorthodox enough in nature to be jettisoned by popular opinion. But popular opinion does not trump the truth.

I use the term, 'implied', because it is done in broad daylight; the characteristics (or symptoms) are not clearly transparent, but the harassment itself is blatant enough in nature to not be unnoticed.

I am an artist, but mostly a creator, an idea generator, and my current interests revolve around computer technology. I have briefly studied and philosophized technologies related around 'time', 'remote neural programming', 'gas-lighting techniques', 'quantum theory', various studies protruding from these, and the psychological impacts they could have on society. To me, anything that is 'anti-survival' is ethically 'wrong'. It is safe to say that I have concluded, based on my own experiences, that most of these technologies are not being used in a 'moral' / 'ethical' way, but for the anti-survival of the targets they are being used against.

Personally, I believe that I have been made 'the laughing stock' of a large group of people unaware of my capacity to resolve the dissonace. But this is hardly about reputation: it is about TORTURE, plain and simple.

I don't know about you, Mr. Rokita, but my theories lead me to believe that everything is physical in nature. Thus, psychological torture is just another form of physical torture. I believe it should not be of any less concern than its considered 'physical' counter-part. It should be dealt with just as much affirmation and resolve as its 'physical' counterpart. The scars may not be seen, but they are felt.

I would wish to talk to you in person about this matter. I am not certain what I can do initially, though at the time I am brainstorming the possibilites. I would like to know your hear-say on the matter. You can contact me at my email: If you are interested, I also have a blog at

I await your response.

-XJ Randall