Thursday, May 7, 2015

Letter to Pharmaceutical and Psychiatric Industry

Dear Pharmaceutical and Psychiatric Industry,

Saying that Adderall is only for people with add/adhd is just like saying marijuana is only for people with cancer. This is a fallacy. It first begins with the ritual of the doctor visit which is a conspiracy within itself. One could enumerate the reasons on why the so called 'doctor visit' does not cater to the patient, but the main reason is that people shouldn't have to go to a doctor to somehow magically understand their own symptoms that lead them to the doctor in the first place. Diagnosing someone with a disorder doesn't lead to insight about the symptoms that a person has already inhibited. On the contrary, the symptoms should always lead to the disorder. That being said, not all people have a disorder but many people display symptoms. The doctor should treat a patient's symptoms before labeling them with a disorder that could potentially stigmatize them for the rest of their life. The malpractice of psychiatry and error of over one million people that are "misdiagnosed" with disorders stems from the way you have handled the release of "miracle drugs" which has been to your own manipulative and financial benefit. As you well know, this is the cause of controversy that leads much to be desired in the form of alteration.

The solution is simple: If Adderall is the cure for the symptom then use it. If it is not the cure for the symptom, then do not use it. This solution seems rather obvious.


John Edward Randall

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