Saturday, May 9, 2015

Notes to The President

Dear Mr. President,

Here are my personal jotted 'notes', that would help you to fund me.

"i hate these queers in lafayette, they piss me off
so much i want to basically wipe them out.

that would basically solve my problem. but
since i can't do that, i have to use
other means, probably more peaceful

like $100,000. would be nice.
i'm worth more than that, but that would be a good start to my salary.
when i went to chicago, they followed me there...

i wanted to enjoy my trip.

i wasn't that enjoyable.
i probably will never live in chicago ever again.

after i get $100,000 i need to act 'fast'

living in lafayette is not the best

i already paid my last month's rent

i need probably a new laptop (or two)

new wardrobe

new shoes

new brain wave utilities

insurance on my hands

insurance on my body

security for my new living quarters
(camera, a bar to block the windows and doors, etc.)

a new gun

new running shoes

a new gym membership

funds for membership of online databases
with scholarly information in them

perhaps i need sponsorship

what else...

funds for website management
domain name
online server
(for neo network (XJ Corps))

funds for daily living expenses
(food, rent)

funds for programs

(adobe web design premium,
rhinocerous or other
3d auto cad programs etc
fl studio
other programs such as Microsoft
Visual Studio
(Visual Basic ++, C++, etc.)

funds for othe extraneous programs that
i might need during research

antivirus (what good does it do when people
still hacked into my laptop...?)

hmm what else...

new equipment

sound equipment (XJ corps music)

new speakers
new headphones
need a good sound card

need a new bike

and bike equipment
helmut, lock and key, etc.

need hygiene items
toothbrush, mouth wash, etc.

need other office equipment

perhaps i want to buy a 3d printer
i researched that
it would be good for building robots

electronic building equipment

electronics kit
plyers (different kinds)
duck tape
super glue
electro board (whatever its called)

welding equipment

might need a studio and a laboratory
maybe in a garage or in a special part of my

legos (maybe not)

art supplies
pens, notebooks

funds for washing my clothes

kitchen utilities
frying pan, deep pan, knife set, forks, spoons,
plates (not too many, maybe)
toaster (maybe not)
basically, i use whatever i get, for the most part

funds for patents

funds for internet or other type of thing
similar to it...

funds for new musical instrument(s)
electric piano(s)
or keyboard

new glasses (stylish maybe not)

perhaps, braces on my teeth
(maybe not)

funds for library collection

furniture (maybe not that much)
some kind of bed or couch
dresser / drawers
table (coffee table?)

maybe that's it.

i also need a prescription for adderall, every
month of the year, (doesn't really have to do
with funds, but it does because i need
a lawyer to help me forge a contract
so that i don't get screwed)

funds for research with actual people
experiments, tests with technology, etc.

travel expenses, for giving presentations
to potential investors

funds for 'other' stuff not mentioned, if needed

funds to publish my master thesis.

that's it."


XJ Randall
John Edward Hall
XJ Corps


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