Sunday, June 14, 2015

Social Dysfunction: Evil and the Perception of STDs

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Social Dysfunction: Evil and the Perception of STDs
by XJ Randall

Sunday 14 June 2015
19:46 EST

Often times I hear what people say. I hear the ideas that concern what people say, and I notice that sometimes the logic that created those ideas is flawed. When it comes to understanding diseases and 'supposed' disorders and the popular connotation or view of them, it seems that the dogma in their sphere of influence needs to be altered or corrected. This would apparently be true in the mental health and health 'industries' of the United States. In this brief explanation, I intend to address and correct a certain category of this argument, a social stigma known as, "sexually transmitted diseases", or 'STDs'.

Our history has shown a pattern and inequality that will lead to innovation. A brief and logical analysis of the current situation, from our past, allows an educated and open minded individual to argue that a (or 'the') sexual stigma exists because of and for 'illicit' purposes: a power and control complex that is rooted in the nature and/or 'spirit' of evil. Because it is what one does that defines who they are and sometimes who they are is what defines the nature of the definition.

Evil is a seemingly harmless remark, simply because it was done in vain. It counters health, or goodness, which refers to the way we are able to heal ourselves or adapt after 'anti-survival'. A large part of the populous behave in a fashion that is not ethically or morally healthy for the social status of the United States. The underlying problem that we deal with is not the physical disorder(s). It is not AIDS, HIV, HERPES, or any other sexually transmitted disease. These are symptoms of the actual disorder, a sexual dysfunction existing beneath the surface of societal activity that affects everything above it. This implies that the root of the symptom is a disorder of a corrupt and immaterial social 'mind'.

Thus, an immaterial problem requires an immaterial solution. We start by getting to the root. In order to cure an acne, a cancer, we change our diet, our 'blood chemistry'. In order to change a bad habit, we change our thought process. We perceive a situation in a different way. We change our social mind.

From the day we are born we begin to die. This 'transition' is likely the most infamous inevitability that we cannot escape. It is appropriate to blame a person for killing with a weapon. It is appropriate to charge that person with a grievance. But to blame a person, to be evil to a person for the inevitability that is not in their control is not appropriate, not right, and not even logical. Evil was not created by man. It was found by man and used by man to control man. And man using evil must not know that Evil is the one using man.

If you ask me in person, I will tell you what I know to be true in my heart. In this paper, I decline to explain what I mean when I say that the United States is "gravely disabled" when it comes to correcting the 'homosexual-evil' pervading the weapon that is the broadcasting media. However, people are people, and as people, according to law, they have the right to pursue happiness. Honestly, sex is like any other pursuit and in action is like any other happiness. People should not be tortured for an evil they did not create just because they chose to fulfill their right to pursue that happiness. I think it is easy to understand what I mean when I say this.

To behave evil is to be evil itself. In solution, we should know that just because one has a disease, regardless of what type or kind of disease it is, it is not the disease that makes that person evil. His or her actions are what should be accounted for and our actions should be based off of this truth. Consequently, the only disorder or disease we should fear is evil itself.

XJ Randall
John Edward Hall
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