Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Message to WLFI

From XJ Randall / John Edward Hall:

Forgive me for my, 'brashness', but I just spent about a half-an-hour typing the most professional message to WLFI, and unforgivingly, the page refreshed, leaving no trace of it (THE NERVE...!)

My name is XJ Randall, legally known as John Edward Hall. I am CEO of XJ Corps, a company I created and established in 2013. During the past 5 to 10 years I have been the target of electronic and public harassment, slander and libel, even as my career as a Purdue student that was on the Dean's list at the end of the 2006-2007 year.

Within the past year (2014 to 2015), I was misdiagnosed by a doctor at Wabash Valley Alliance, 610 Main Street in Lafayette, who in my opinion did not know I was a genius. Because of this, I was banned from Purdue University and detained against my will at a local mental facility, that has the unmitigated gal to call itself a, 'hospital'. What River Bend Hospital did to me was anything but hospitable.

WLFI might know of the news story that proclaimed that xjhall.com, a website previously under my name, was evidently hacked and used as a 'porn host' ('xjhall.com sex scandal'). Perhaps this was done by members of Purdue University.

Because of my talents, I have been 'raped' of the most prominent parts of my body, including my 'mind'. I think this would be done partly via 'broadcast voyeurism' and by a local or nation-wide scam artist or artists, that I currently wish not to have any association with.

I believe I am also being misrepresented or impersonated by an actor, who wishes harm to my public image, and MTV might know something about this... Although, I need help gathering evidence.

XJ Corps creates immaculate ideas. Maybe this would be the reason why it would be lucrative for people to 'rip me off'. But it is also a lucrative venture for those who choose to promote and invest in it in a legal way.

Aside from my story, I am asking WLFI to help publicize my company. It is a 'Digital Arts/Digital Media' company but also deals with 'Paranormal' queries as well. Currently, I am dealing with brain-waves and designing/building 'Telepathy X' (a kickstarter.com rejected project), which if successful, would be the world's first publicly disclosed 'telepathic phone network'. This could happen in a matter of a few years (or even a year). My most recently completed project is probably the world's first 'mechanical medium', located here:


That is a sub-project off of the main website. Another interesting technology/project from XJ Corps, which is not currently public, is a 'face-direction tracking program' (FAXR), that allows the person to move the cursor with their face direction and/or hand movement via camera.

Being a computer programmer, I also have the capability to create an influential 'video game' or social network. I have a million and one ideas, some of them located at my professional blog:


Having a background playing violin for 12 years (and knowing how to play mandolin and piano), XJ Corps also creates music in eccentric/classical/hip-hop style. Hopefully, a next 'Shock Value' will occur (Timbaland, Michael Jackson, Hans Zimmer, and John Williams are my main inspirations). But I would also like to do the soundtrack to a movie. If you would like to check out my music, below are two links:



On top of all of that (some may call me a 'Jack of all trades'), I am planning on a Master Thesis, to be completed within the next 10 to 30 years, called the "Master Idea". This is basically the Holy Grail of XJ Corps: the prognosis or process to manipulate reality and to prove that God is a fact... This could only be the beginning.

Seems like where ever I go, I seem to attract attention. Being a 27 year-old CEO, my online persona and portfolio may come off as intimidating. But when you come to know me, my personality will prove otherwise. Maybe, this is why so many people, in my experience, misjudge me.

If more people knew about XJ Randall and XJ Corps, I think the world would be a better place. And perhaps, I could get an angel investor to help fund this enormous talent so I can stop living off of food stamps and SSI (I've been trying to provide myself an income)...!

Hopefully, WLFI can help me. I await your response.


XJ Randall
John Edward Hall
XJ Corps