Monday, February 29, 2016

XJ Corps: The Master Idea Exists (TIME) Edited Version

The Master Idea Exists (TIME) Edited Version

By now you may be asking, "What is The Master Idea?" In order to understand The Master Idea, we need to talk about Idea Theory. Idea Theory is basically the setup for the Master Idea. Idea Theory states that everything in the entire universe is physical, whether we can detect it or not: the sun, the earth, the world around us, ourselves, and most specifically, our minds. The mind is the focalization of all things physical pertaining to our bodies and it holds the physical ideas that we have before they become a reality. Not only that, but Idea Theory states that everything that is reality must have come from an idea in the first place. That is, an Idea is the thing from which reality originates. This will have awesome implications in the future, especially in studies of the mind, because if everything is physical, we will soon be able to detect and project ideas from the mind to an external audience. From this, scientists will be able to synthetically engineer ideas to freeze or store them for later use. That's the gyst of Idea Theory. Everything comes from an Idea, and the grandaddy of Ideas is, you guessed it, The Master Idea, which basically is the origin of the whole Universe.

Now, you're probably getting a little tense at this moment because you might think that I'm a Christian or an Atheist here to prove a point. No, I am not an atheist, not that there's anything wrong with that. I think that the God that I believe in and the God that everyone else believes in is the same thing. But because of the Master Idea, though,  I have to think of God differently. So, if you think you might be offended by this, you might want to stop reading. However, if you are an Atheist or a Christian you might want to continue.

And people who believe in God will do things that will reaffirm their Ideas as reality. And some people might say,"Well just because you believe doesn't mean God exists."
It doesn't matter whether you believe in God or not. Idea theory tells us that God exists regardless just because other people believe God to exist. The fact that people discredit God means God exists, because if God didn't exist, the nonbeliever wouldn't be talking about God in the first place. So in essence, just by bringing up God, the nonbeliever is discrediting his own stance on the issue. If you talk about God (feedback) whether you 'believe' or not you are contributing to the entity of God. It is FACT that God exists because people speak, build, and create God into existence. Of course there's the argument that if everyone stopped believing in God then God would cease to exist. But names are arbitrary, and God would inevitably continue to exist even if people had to call God by a different name (whether it be in science or any other religion). And so God is the Master Idea. The Master Idea and God are one in the same. Regardless of what other religions call God, or even what Atheists call God or consider God to be.

The Master Idea has been around and will be around until the end. And we will always derive our realities from the Master Idea. Aetheists might not be happy when they hear this. The Master Idea Exists. It is. Continually giving life to everything on earth. And if It wasn't, then we wouldn't exist. At this point, the Master Idea is constant. It is like a blueprint on a table that feeds the changing world above it. It DOES NOT move on a timeline, however, with Idea Theory, it proves that TIME DOES NOT EXIST. Idea Theory tells us that there is no time and what we percieve to be the past are repeated physical memories. Time is a fallacy. Everything changes in the NOW. We can have memories but even those are constantly changing. But it is possible to predict the patterns of reality.

Which brings me to Technology and Innovation. Since the Master Idea is the beginning and the end, it has always been around, only our technology allows us to believe that there is an original idea. Inequality leads to 'innovation'. History repeats itself because history is now.

People 1000 years ago were just as smart and intelligent as people today. It's just that their technology was different. Had they been born in our era, it is arguable that there would still be a 'McDonald's'. Because we know that time and human intelligence has no effect on the outcome of the fate of human kind, we can assume that some part of the fate of mankind really relies on how technologically advanced we get.

This points to the reasonable argument that man was created as man, it's just that technology determined what man was able to do with his intelligence. This also explains why history repeats itself... The past doesn't repeat itself. If there is no time, there is no past, our ideas 'today' are the same ideas as 'yesterday' just with a different technological approach. We are the same intelligent beings we have always been. And collectively, we subconsiously share the same ideas that have ever been around since the beginning. That is the essence of the Master Idea. The original idea is only a realization of the shared subconscious that is broadcast to each person from the Master Idea. Hence, there is no original idea, only original realizations of the Master Idea, which is shared by all.

This brings me to my final point. I am not the only person who thought of "The Master Idea". Someone, over 120 years ago had the same idea as me (except he explained it differently). This is fascinating to me, because by indirect convergence this means that The Master Idea Exists!

-XJ Hall

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