Monday, February 29, 2016

The Difference Between Reality and Idea


There poses a question that challenges Idea Theory. The question regards the difference between 'reality' and the 'Idea'. If everything is physical, and thus it can be detected with the correct technology, how is it that everything is not just reality? How is it that an Idea is not reality itself? This is good. It leads me to explain that everything really has the potential to be a reality. Ideas are reality (because you are reading this paper) thus realities come from realities and the only real "Idea" is the Master Idea, the origin of everything. The reason why realities are called 'Ideas' is because they fit the category for being the origin of realities that don't fit the category as well. There is a PATTERN. The most important types of Ideas are The Master Idea, Ideas of Life, such as DNA, and the Ideas of Free Will, or what goes on in our minds. Also, one of the conditions of reality is that it must have 'feedback'. Otherwise, it is not a reality. This is why not everything can be called a reality, unless you have already come in some kind of contact with it, but I'm sure there are things that we have never even touched that would not be a reality in our cases. However, it still may exist.

XJ Randall

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