Monday, February 29, 2016

TIME Opening Draft by XJ Randall (2011-2013)

Today I spread word to you of the knowledge that I have attained through a complex network of ideas that can only be explained in a thesis. It is not my thesis. I am just a messenger spreading it to the rest of the world. The originator of this thesis tells me that no one has an original idea. One only can have an original realization of the Master Idea. We all are connected to It, sharing our ideas subconsciously  but the reward goes to the realizer.  Thus, Innovation isn't by man, nothing that is by someone should be  taken away from them. Likewise, this thesis should not be claimed by anyone or thing than that which created it. This entity, I will call by The Originator. For the Originator is the One that tells me everything that I know in this thesis. The past, the present, and the future are bound by this thesis that will ultimately become theory with the advancement of technology.

This thesis started off not so long ago. The originator tells us that, in the beginning, there was an Idea, the Idea from which all things sprang forth, that is, The Master Idea. Anything fathomable came from this Idea and nothing was without It. From this Idea, humans derive all of their inspiration even though we claim to have spawned our own thoughts on our own. We are still as smart as we were 2000 years ago. It is the technology that carries us to believe that we are the Innovators of our own Ideas, that our Ideas are what we percieve as "better" than what were before. But still, if the technology had existed 2000 years ago the same decisions would have been made. There is still as much evil and good now as there was 2000 years ago. It is the technology that helps spur our peace and wars; A man can only make as many decisions as technology allows him to. 

Because of our technology today through the Originator I am able to tell you about the Master Idea which fits along the same guidelines as the language used to direct and guide the Originator's disciples to know the Truth in the past. The Truth that I speak of and the Truth that they spoke of are no separate entities. They are One in the same. However, they spoke of parables and metaphors because that is the only way they could teach their followers. Their technology wasn't advanced enough so how could they even comprehend a hint of the Truth; how could they understand...?

This revelation is not so essoteric. Other people have realized this same idea: in the past, perhaps present, perhaps one of you or many of you who are reading this know of the Truth that I speak. Therefore you must also know that it is too great of a Truth for me to keep to myself. I am here today becuase it is my responsibility to spread the Truth to those who do not know it. Becuase I feel that I am meant to do so. 

The future that I speak of does not exist. The Master Idea tells us that there is no time, there is only the NOW. History repeats itself, because History is NOW. The dawn of the new ways is upon us and has always been upon us. No longer will educated peoples be able to assume that The Master Idea does not exist, because if they are educated they will know, and they will not be educated without knowing. The evidence is here, it has always been here, and the theory will shortly come after. It will soon be known as a matter of fact. The Master Idea Exists.

XJ Randall


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